[Tips] Control the auto-update feature of Windows 10

As we all know, Windows Update helps the operating system automatically update patches, security patches, hardware drivers, and new features periodically to make the system safer than previous patches. threat.

However, in some cases, such as your friend, for example, complain about the feature because it significantly affects the job. Not only did it take a while to restart the computer, but even a couple of times crashed the operating system.

[Tips] Control the auto-update feature of Windows 10 1

The quick solution in this case is to turn off the automatic updating feature of Windows through Group Policy or disable this service in Service. To do so, click the Windows icon, type the word “service” into the search box and select Services (Desktop app).

In the new Services window that appears, browse through the list of operating system services and look for the Windows update item. In Windows Update Properties, change the Startup type from Manual to Disable and select Stop under Service status. Click OK and from now on you will no longer be bothered by Windows Update.

[Tips] Control the auto-update feature of Windows 10 2

[Tips] Control the auto-update feature of Windows 10 3

Note how the above only help you handle the problem, not solve the nature of the problem. Shutting down Windows Update will cause the operating system to lose a protection mechanism that is more vulnerable to security threats. Instead, you should tweak the settings of Windows Update so that it does not affect your work.

Fortunately, in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft added a new feature, called Active Hours, that allows users to set a time frame for a computer up to 12 hours a day.

[Tips] Control the auto-update feature of Windows 10 4

In the Windows Update window view, select Change active hours and customize the Start time and End time values according to your working time. Click on Save and restart the computer for the change to take effect. So during the time set above, but still automatically check, download and install new updates, but Windows Update will not restart the computer itself.

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